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British Virgin Islands General Information
We have provided here some general information about our island and important information on what documents you need to enter into the territory of the British Virgin Islands.


Please make sure you do check out the information on this page so that you bring with you the necessary documentation.

BVI Quick Facts
Currency: US Dollar
BVI Airport Code: EIS
Airport Location: Beef Island
Puerto Rico Airport Code: SJU
St. Thomas Airport Code: STT

SJU to EIS: Approx. 30min. flight
STT to EIS: Approx. 20min. flight
Ferry from St. Thomas: 40min

Beef Island (EIS) is connected to Tortola by bridge, you do not need a ferry if flying into EIS.

BVI General Information

ATM?s Available: Yes (Limited to Tortola and Virgin Gorda.)
Traveller?s Cheques: Yes (Best form to travel with!)
Credit Cards: Accepted in some locations
(Traveller?s cheques are best)
Driving: We use the British System: Drive on the left!
Rental Cars: Yes (Drivers must be over 25.)
Driving Permit: Available at your rental car agency for $10.
Taxis: Readily availabe, you can get a taxi to take you to most anywhere.
Cautions: The BVI is one of the safer destinations, however, you should practise the same cautions you would travelling anywhere. Most importantly keep sunscreen on and a bottle of water, to keep yourself hydrated.
Weather: Check online or on the weather channel (St. Thomas is close so it's OK to go with what it says for them), it's usually sunny and warm with lovely ocean breezes, sometimes a brief shower to help the flowers. Sweaters and jackets are usually not needed, unless you are staying or having dinner at a higher elevation, then you may want to bring something along.

A Wedding in the Islands
? Your Way!

Flying to the BVI

From the US you can fly to the BVI via San Juan, Puerto Rico, American Airlines offers direct service into Tortola as well as a number of smaller airlines with scheduled flights, and you can get a charter flight as well from San Juan, if that suits your time schedule better.

Our airport code is EIS. The airport is located on Beef Island which is at the East End of Tortola, attached to Tortola by bridge. You may choose to fly to St. Thomas, USVI and then take the ferry to Tortola or VIrgin Gorda or wherever you may be staying in the British Virgin Islands. Charter flights operate from St. Thomas to Tortola.

If you plan to fly into St. Thomas (STT) you can take a ferry links are provided below. Just make sure you give yourselves ample time to get from the airport to the ferry prior to the last ferry of the day. This also holds true for the return, make sure your return flight from St. Thomas is late enough in the day that you can get there in time. Certain times of the year there is SOMETIMES a late ferry from Red Hook (the West end of St. Thomas - not downtown St. Thomas) to Road Town, Tortola (stops in town only does not drop off at Soper's Hole, West End, Tortola) that late ferry is at 9pm Thurs-Sunday - but it's NOT all the time so please make SURE you check with the ferry companies prior to booking your flights!

Current Ferry Schedules

Native Son
Road Town Fast Ferry
Smith's Ferry

British Virgin Island Maps
Click Here!

Charter ?Island Hopper? Flights
Caribbean WIngs - BVI Airlines
Click Here!
Offering Service to and from Tortola, Virgin Gorda, St. Thomas, San Juan, Antigua, St. Maarten & other Caribbean Islands. Flights accommodate up to 8 air charter guests with luggage.

Identification Required to Enter the BVI

US and Canadian Citizens: A current passport is highly recommended but not required to enter the BVI. You may enter the British Virgin Islands with one of the following plus photo ID:

? Original Birth Certificate ? Citizen's Certificate ? Passport

**PLUS at least one piece of photo ID such as a driver's license. (Voter Registration Cards are no longer accepted forms of identification)

US Citizens if you are flying back into the US from the BVI - you MUST have a US Passport!! Birth Certificate and photo ID ARE NO LONGER VALID FORMS OF ID.

All Other Countries:
? Passport Required from all other visitors. In some cases, visitors from some countries may require a visa to enter the territory. Please contact the Chief Immigration Officer at (284) 494-3471 ext. 2536 if you have any questions.

Documents Required to be Married in the British Virgin Islands

To become legally married in the BVI you are required to provide:

? Your Passport
? The Original (Certified Copy) of a divorce or death decree
(if applicable) from a former marriage
Without a divorce or death decree your wedding may be delayed!
If you have any documentation that is NOT in English it must be translated in order to process. There are services here on-island that can do this for you - but remember - we MUST arrange these ahead of time. So please let me know so that it can be arranged and all can go smoothly. This is for Birth Certificates, Divorce or death decrees, name changes - etc. If you have any documentation where names don't quite match due to divorce, etc. Please let me know this as well so that we can make sure you bring with you the needed paperwork so that all goes smooth for you and you can do the important stuff - relax and enjoy yourselves!

What to Bring!

? Traveller?s Cheques
Some establishments in the BVI do not accept credit cards.
Be sure to bring enough traveller's cheques to get you through your holiday.
? T-shirts & Shorts: Lots of them!
? Light slacks or skirts and tops:
If you would like but not required.
? Bathing Suits
? Sun Block (at least SPF 30!)
? Beach Cover-ups (Please remember to cover-up when entering a shop or restaurant, or going into town.)
? Camera & plenty of film / or memory cards
(Don't forget the charger!)
? Hats
? Sunglasses
? Burn remedies & soothers (aloe based are best)
? Foul weather gear (if you are the pessimistic type)
? A sense of humour and your favourite ?morning after? remedy!
? Tissues for when you have to leave the BVI. It?s a given that you won't want to go!

Please Note: If you plan to dine out at some of the BVI resort restaurants such as Peter Island Resort or Little Dix Bay, a jacket and tie may be required for gentlemen in the evenings. Ladies should dress accordingly. (No jeans please!!!!!)

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